Today: Dense overcast in the morning, becoming cloudy in the afternoon. Patchy light fog in the morning. Rain likely. High 8. Wind west-southwest around 17 mph, gusting to 34 mph, in the morning, becoming 28 mph, gusting to 38 mph, in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation 70 percent. Precipitation mostly around 5 mm. Updated: 07:00
The Isle Of Wight's Centre Of Meteorology

The Isle of Wight Festival 2018 Forecast here #50


The official "2018 50th Anniversary Weather Forecast" 

Starts here on 1st January 2018


NOTE: So far we have been spot on with this years Festival Forecast. No other agencies have been anywhere near as accurate as we have been!

The weeks, days and during the festival this forecast page received over 750,000 hits. All of our social media also went crazy with 10's of 1000's of questions, comments and interactions.


Your event forecast could be here!

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