Today: Partly to mostly cloudy in the morning, becoming mostly cloudy in the afternoon. A slight chance of rain in the afternoon. High 19. Wind west-southwest around 12 mph, gusting to 24 mph, in the morning, becoming 17 mph, gusting to 27 mph, in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation less than 20 percent. Precipitation mostly less than 2 mm. Updated: 10:00
The Isle Of Wight's Centre Of Meteorology

Weather Warnings/Advisory's for the isle of Wight


There is currently 0 weather warning/s or advisories in force


Details of any warnings/advisories will appear below when issued.

Issued By: Isle of Wight Weather Centre


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Type of Advisory: Severe Weather Warning!        






This Weather Warning will be

updated over the coming days and or hours.

This Weather Warning may be upgraded at any time!


The Weather centre forecast team will issue watches and alerts whenever the weather is likely to meet a set out criteria. Watches are issued, usually in advance of warnings to give an indication that severe weather is possible. Once within a more certain timeframe, if necessary, a warning will be issued. At the closest range, flash alerts may be issued to warn of severe weather that may occur within a few hours.


The public are advised to take extra care and to keep up to date with the latest forecasts. This Weather Warning may be updated or upgraded in the coming hours or days. In the event of Severe Weather affecting the Island we will issue a "Flash Weather Warning" as early as possible. Be prepared, see the Severe Weather Guides below.