This afternoon: Partly cloudy. High 14. Wind north-northwest around 10 mph, gusting to 19 mph.
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Vantage Pro 2 Station & Consoles x10

Vantage Pro2 uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum radio to transmit and receive data up to 1,000 feet (300 m) line-of-sight. Vantage Pro2 is also an excellent choice for emergency professionals, farmers, schools, researchers, municipalities, and others to monitor wind and moisture conditions, irrigation requirements, and potential flooding. It can be customized with a range of add-on options, such as solar and UV radiation sensors, soil moisture stations, and long and short-range repeaters.


  • Large, backlit 9 x 15 cm (3 1/2" x 6") LCD screen
  • Options available for UV/solar, soil moisture, short and long-range repeaters, and more
  • Fast updates every 2.5 seconds (10x faster than the competition)
  • Optional WeatherLink data logger and software offer additonal analyses in a variety of versions
  • Wireless transmission from station to console up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) (3x farther than the competition)                                                                            vantangepro2_console.jpg
  1. CURRENT & HISTORICAL DATAVIEW - current data or highs and lows for up to 24 days, months, or years.
  2. FORECAST ICONS - let you know what to expect: sun, partly cloudy, rain, or snow. 12-hour icon forecast plus 24 - 48 hour ticker tape forecast at bottom of console screen.
  3. MOON PHASE - Track the eight phases of the moon.
  4. TIME & DATVIEW - the current time and date, time of sunrise/sunset, time and date of highs/lows, and time and date of a graphed data point.
  5. WIRELESS - Frequency-hopping, spread spectrum radio provides three times the transmission distance of the competition, improved reception through multiple walls, and greater immunity from rF interference. Main console can retransmit to additional consoles up to 1,000 ft. (300 m).
  6. BAROMETER - Five-position trend arrow shows whether barometric pressure is rising, falling, or steady.
  7. FIXED DISPLAY - Fixed display area shows the outside temperature, humidity and barometric pressure at all times.
  8. SOLAR RADIATION on - Vantage Pro2 Plus, view solar radiation, highs for the day, month, and year as well as evapotranspiration and Temp/Hum/sun/Wind (THsW) index. set alarms for high readings.
  9. UV on - Vantage Pro2 Plus, view current UV index, UV index for the day, the daily, monthly, and yearly highs; or change scale to see UV in current, hourly and daily MeDs. set alarm to warn of high UV dose/index.
  10. VARIABLE DISPLAY OPTIONS - View inside or additional temperatures, humidity, soil moisture, UV index, leaf wetness, wind chill, dew point, and two different heat indices. (Additional sensors or stations may be required.)
  11. RAIN UMBRELLA - icon appears when it is currently raining. View last 24 storm totals with start and end dates. View daily, monthly, or yearly rainfall, and rain rate.
  12. STATUS ICON - Blinks to let you know that data packets are being received.
  13. CONTROL KEYS - Use arrow keys to scroll through data on graph or view highs and lows over time. Plus and minus keys simplify data toggling.
  14. TICKER TAPE DISPLAY - Provides expanded forecast details and additional information on current conditions. Displays more than 100 different messages!
  15. GRAPHS - Graph the last 24 hours, days, or months of readings or highs and lows. View over 80 graphs, including additional analyses of temperature, rain, rain rate, wind and barometric pressure.Vertical scale changes depending on what you are graphing.
  16. ALARMS - set more than 70 alarms for multiple functions simultaneously.

WIND - compass rose with 16 points shows current and dominant wind direction. inside compass rose, view wind direction to 1° resolution, or view wind speed.

Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station x5

                                          leaf soil moisture sensor

Solar Powered station includes transmitter and backup battery inside weather-resistant shelter.

To view the data for up to eight stations, add an Envoy8x and WeatherLink. Vantage Pro2 console/receiver or Weather Envoy and WeatherLink can only receive data from either:

  • A single fully populated station with two leaf wetness sensors, four soil moisture sensors, and four temperature probes or.
  • Two partially populated stations, one with two leaf wetness sensors and two temperature probes, and the other with four soil moisture sensors and four temperature probes.

Available in two models. Choose the model without sensors, and add only those you need to meet your requirements. Or choose the Complete Sol Moisture/Temperature Station and add one or two leaf wetness sensors as desired. Compatible with the 6470 Stainless Steel Temperature Probe with Two-Wire Termination.

Leaf Wetness Sensor x5

Use to monitor the level of surface moisture on foliage, with range from 0 (completely dry) to 15 (saturated).

Add up to 2 sensors to a single Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture / temperature Station. Includes 40ft (12m) cable.

Wireless Temperature / Humidity Station x5

                                                                                  wireless temperature Humidity station

Battery-powered station includes temperature and humidity sensors inside protective radiation shield, and transmitter and lithium battery

inside weather-resistant shelter.  Expected battery life is six to nine months. To view the data, add a wireless Vantage Pro2 console/receiver,  Weather Envoy or Envoy8X and WeatherLink. Includes hardware for mounting on fence post or pole. Mounting pole is not included.

WeatherLink IP x2

Now you can post your weather data directly to the Internet without a PC. Not a web guru?

Don't worry - our newest version of WeatherLink does all the work for you.  Simply plug the data logger into the back of your Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue console, or Weather Envoy and connect the cable to your cable/DSL router. Within minutes, you'll be able to see your weather data live on the Internet. In addition, WeatherLinkIP™ lets you:

  • Automatically upload data to third-party weather sites including CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program), the GLOBE Program, and more.
  • Get e-mail alerts of current weather conditions or simple alarm conditions.

Download the data to your PC for all the same powerful charting, graphing, and analysis as our standard WeatherLink. With Extra User License Kits, you can even download the data independently to multiple PCs - ideal for schools, agriculture, scientific fieldwork, and remote locations.

WeatherLink for APRS with Streaming Data Logger

For ham radio operators, including storm chasers and volunteer weather watchers.

Connects a vantage Pro2 console, Vanatge Vue console or Weather Envoy to a ham radio with TNC modem for instant transmission of both your location and the local weather conditions via APRS.

WeatherLink Agricultural / Turf Management Module x3

Turf ManagementOptional software module only for Vantage Pro2 adds specialized reports for farmers, growers, and turf managers,

with user-defined growing season and 24-hour period.

 You'll get evapotranspiration, chilling requirement, leaf wetness hours, and soil temperature hours - all with user-entered thresholds and starting and ending dates. Plus growing degree-days and temperature-humidity hours (with user-entered names of crops, pests, or diseases) and crop water management (with irrigation values and user-entered K-factor profiles). For use with all WeatherLink models except Mac versions. Some reports require the use of optional sensors.

Standard Wireless Repeaters x10

wireless repeaterIdeal for most applications. Uses the same dipole antenna found on all of our wireless stations. Range is up to 1000ft (300m) outdoors,

line of sight.  Typical range through walls under most conditions is 200ft to 400ft (60m-120m). AC-powered model includes power adaptor, Solar-powered model includes solar panel and lithium backup battery.

Solar Power Kit for Wireless Consoles or Wireless Weather Envoy x9

                                       solar power kit

Powers the wireless console/receiver or Weather Envoy (Outdoor sensors are powered by the solar panel that is included

with the station).  Includes solar panel, regulator circuit, rechargebale battery and 20ft (6m) cable.

Stainless Steel Temperature Probe with Two-Wire Termination x12

Temperature ProbeMulti-purpose temperature probe with 2 1/2" (64mm) long stainless steel housing. use to measure temperature of air, soil or water.

Add up to 4 probes to a single Leaf and Soil Moisture/temperature Station. Includes 15ft (4.6m) direct-burial cable.

What weather variables are measured and recorded?

Most other stations offer barometric pressure, outside humidity and dew point, daily and yearly rainfall, wind speed and direction, wind chill, and outside temperature. Some also offer inside temperature and humidity, and a few even give you extra outside temperatures and rain rate. Only Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue give you those features, plus:

  • Additional Rainfall Information: 15-minute, hourly, monthly, and yearly rainfall, and rainfall amounts for each of the last 24 storms.
  • Additional Wind Speed Information: 10-minute average wind speed and dominant wind direction. In addition, with Vantage Vue, you get 2-minute average speed, high speed and direction in the last ten minutes.
  • Apparent Temperature: Heat index, and with Vantage Pro2's optional solar radiation sensor, the temperature-humidity-sun-wind index.
  • Vantage Pro2 optional Solar and UV Radiation Sensors: Greater awareness of the dangers of excessive exposure to the sun.
  • For agricultural users: Evapotranspiration, leaf wetness, soil moisture, and soil temperature with Vantage Pro2 optional sensors.

Our New Mobile Unit:

Vantage Vue

You'll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point and rainfall. You'll also get weather forecast icons, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times, graphing of weather trends, alarms and more.

Vantage Vue also boasts the innovative Weather Center button that displays additional data on weather variables for today and over the last 25 days.

Vantage Vue includes a compact outdoor sensor array and an indoor LCD console. The fully-integrated, corrosion-proof sensor suite is built to take all the weather your location can give - freezing winters, springtime thunderstorms, blistering summer sun, and brisk autumn winds. The smaller profile sensor suite is designed to minimize visual impact in your yard or on your roof. The sensor suite transmits data wirelessly to the easy-to-read Vantage Vue console. With a range of up to 1,000 feet (300 m), Vantage Vue data packets are sent every 2.5 seconds to the console. Because Vantage Vue’s transmitters are radio-compatible with Vantage Pro2, you can mix and match components. For example, add a Vantage Vue console to your Vantage Pro2 system or extend your wireless range with long and short range repeaters. They all work together seamlessly.


  • Easy-to-read, backlit 8 x 11 cm (3" x 4 3/8") LCD screen
  • Glow-in-the-dark keypad
  • Fast updates every 2.5 seconds (10 x faster than the competition)
  • Optional WeatherLink® data logger and software offer additional analyses in a variety of versions
  • Wireless transmission from station to console up to 1,000 ft. (300 m) (3x farther than the competition)
  • Vantage Vue Box
  1. TIME & DATE -View the current time and date or time of sunrise/ sunset.
  2. MOON PHASE -See the eight phases of the moon.
  3. FORECAST - Icons let you know to expect sun, partly cloudy, clouds, rain, or snow.
  4. TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY -Console updates outside temperature every 10 seconds and inside temperature every minute. In addition, outside humidity updates every 50 seconds and inside humidity every minute.
  5. RETRANSMITS - Main console can extend range to additional consoles up to 1,000 ft. (300 m).
  6. BAROMETER - Five-position trend arrow shows whether barometric pressure is rising, falling, or stable.
  7. VARIABLE DISPLAY OPTIONS - See updated values every 10 seconds for heat index and wind chill to get a better “feel” for the outside environment.
  8. RAIN - Console updates rain totals and rain rate every 20 seconds for the last 25 hours, days, months.
  9. "CHANGE IN WEATHER SINCE YESTERDAY" FEATURE - Allows comparisons of changes of temperature and barometric pressure from day to day.
  10. WEATHER CENTRE - Weather Center provides additional information for each weather variable, such as daily highs and lows, temperature changes by the hour and barometric value changes. Also displays astronomical data such as meteor showers.
  11. USER-FRIENDLY KEYPAD - Domed buttons are easy to feel and press. Glow-in-the-dark keypad buttons give you access to weather information at night. The "Done" key returns user to “current” screen from anywhere in the program.
  12. GRAPHS - Graph the last 25 hours, days or months. View up to 50 graphs including temperature, rain, rain rate, wind and barometric pressure - all on the console.
  13. "THIS TIME YESTER DAY" FEATURE - Data point on the graph indicates the weather during the same time yesterday to help compare and analyze day-to-day weather trends.
  14. ALARMS - Set 22 simultaneous, different alarms to warn of dangers such as high winds, freezing temperatures, rain rate, heat index, flood warning, and more.

WIND SPEED - See windspeed updates every 2 1/2 seconds. Displays windspeed in miles per hour, meters per second, kilometers per hour or knots. Provides the average and high wind speed for two-minute and ten-minute intervals.

Mounting Tripod


Made of galvanised steel. Brackets at the base of legs tilt to mount on a roof or uneven terrain.

Two poles included measure 36.38" (0.92m) each, but can also be used together to makea single 69.75" (1.77m) pole. fits both the Vantage Pro2 and the Vantage Vue.

Plus a diminishing collection of spare parts.

This equipment is extremely expensive to maintain and replace parts when needed. We also hope to increase the station network, this will help ensure even more accurate forecasting and collection of historical data. This is why a backer, sponsor or investor is so important to us,

David (head meteorologist)


All our equipment is supplied by Davis Instruments (UK)


Example data output:

WeatherLink Network
Davis Weather UK, Orolia Ltd, Portsmouth
Current Conditions as of 20:48 Saturday, June 9, 2018
Station Summary Current Today's Highs Today's Lows

Outside Temp 18.8 C 21.4 C 14:19 15.1 C 04:36
Outside Humidity 83% 92% 05:43 74% 14:20

Inside Temp 22.7 C 23.6 C 09:47 22.4 C 03:53
Inside Humidity 50% 53% 14:34 43% 00:00

Heat Index 19.4 C 21.7 C 13:47    
Wind Chill 18.3 C     13.9 C 04:34
Dew Point 16.1 C 17.2 C 12:18 12.8 C 00:00

Barometer 1018.7mb 1018.8mb 20:39 1015.1mb 05:37
Bar Trend Rising Slowly        

Wind Speed 7 KT 23 KT 10:42    
Wind Direction WSW 257°        

Solar Radiation 7 W/m2 1136 W/m2 11:00    
UV Radiation 0.0 Index 10.2 Index 12:52    

12 Hour Forecast Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours. 

Wind 2 Minute 10 Minute      

Average Wind Speed n/a 4.3 KT      
Wind Gust Speed   n/a