Today: Fair. High 7. Wind north-northwest around 19 mph, gusting to 31 mph.
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Conditions: Dry
Temperature: 21.7 °C
Trend: +1.0 °C /hr
Average windspeed: 1.4 mph
Current speed: 6.1 mph
Direction:  NW  305 °
Barometer: 1018.7 mb (1018.7 hPa )
Pressure trend -0.2mb/hr
Humidity: 80 %
Dew point: 18.1 °C
Todays rain: 4.8 mm
Monthly rain: 28.2 mm
Yearly rain: 463.0 mm
Maximum temperature: 22.8 °C at time: 13:09
Maximum heat index temperature: 22.8 °C at time: 13:09
Minimum temperature: 13.6 °C at time: 05:46
Maximum gust today: 17.3 mph   W at time: 13:40
Max gust last 10 mins: 10mph
Current Windchill: 21.7 °C
Snow for season: 5.0 cm

Time of observation: 1800z  Date of report: 15/08/2018


Average temperature: 17.7°C
Average windspeed: 1mph
Average gustspeed: 3mph
Average humidity: 84.3%
Average barometer: 1017.0hpa
Maximum temperature: 30.6°C
Minimum temperature: 6.4°C
Maxiumum windspeed: 12mph
Maximum gustspeed: 32mph
Maximum humidity: 97.0%
Minimum humidity: 33.0%
Maximum barometer: 1025.0hpa
Minimum barometer: 1005.3hpa
Rain over the week: 28.2mm

Week ending: Sunday 19th August 2018



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