Today: Dense overcast. Patchy light fog in the morning. A slight chance of rain. High 13. Wind west-northwest around 4 mph. Chance of precipitation 20 percent. Precipitation mostly less than 2 mm. Updated: 07:00
The Isle Of Wight's Centre Of Meteorology

Event Weather Data Live

Below is a number of live weather dials and charts from our new remote high tech "Mobile" weather station. This station can be placed at any event so weather conditions can be constantly recorded 24 hours a day. If you have a large event and are interested in having the weather data recorded with printable charts and information then please get in touch. The extra data also helps to make accurate forecasts for your event, also updated hourly. 

Example image above. During your outside event this entire page will be populated with live weather readings, charts and your event forecasts.



Please note, all recorded data, reports etc become the property of the event organiser. Ideal for Festivals, Island events even school sports day!


Sponsorship available for this forecast! Please use "the get in touch" page for more info.